Jun 012012

Mesphistopheles on a gondola, drifting slowly on black water toward you, wine velvet draping into night behind. Stopping, he steps forward and smiles. His gaze draws your eyes into his, casting down to his palm on which lie three candles, lit and melting. The palm closes, the eyes and smile deepen, and the hand unfolds to show the dark and shining jewels he has made you in promise of anything and everything.

I  remember this, and only this, from something seen once long ago and never since.

Nov 222005

While I am certainly looking forward to the latest remake of King Kong, in all its hi-res cgi glory, I know that I will just as certainly miss the shimmering fur.

In the original, the constant touching of the operator’s fingers on the model’s surface between every frame, caused the hair itself to be animated, restlessly rustling on its own, as Kong went about his business.

Like medusa’s fur coat.